Art Collection Temporary on Sale

Art Collection Temporary on Sale

As of June 1st my studio address will be changed. I am planning to share studio number 114 with Alexander Bobkin in “De Kazerne” in Nijmegen as of this date.

In regard to the move we want to put our art collections on sale in the period from 1 to 10 May.

In my current studio 120 it is possible to view and choose amongst the following works:

  • acrylic and oil paintings from different periods of time (landscapes, portraits, abstract, figurative) soot drawings on paper and canvas.
  • watercolour paintings.
  • photography.
  • textile works.
  • order a portrait (painting or photographic) on commission.

In studio 114 of Alexander Bobkin you can choose from selected works of art (with discounts up to 50%).

We seriously take the current Corona situation into account and ask visitors to plan their visit to our studios in advance by e-mail or telephone in order to prevent that no more than 2 people will be present in our rooms at the same time.

We hope that your visit to our studios will distract you a little from your daily routine and that any purchase of a work of art can bring new inspiration and a refreshing energy to your home.

Please get in contact via: – Lucy Besson – Alexander Bobkin

Studio address:
“Krayenhoffkazerne”, Molenveldlaan 120 and 114, 6523RN Nijmegen (free parking in underground garage)

Yours sincerely,
Lucy & Alexander