Lucy Besson is a Russian born and Netherlands based multidisciplinary artist active within multiple fields of contemporary art. Her main disciplines are: photography, painting and audio visual media. Nowadays she works on her long-term art project “The Human Being”.

Ludmila Bessonova, Born in Novokuznetsk (Russia, 1959) graduated in Painting & Drawing at the Kemerovo Regional Art College, and in Textile Design at the Stroganoff Academy of Industrial Art and Design in Moscow in 1987. “In 1990 my curiosity about life in the west and my interest in European art and culture brought me from Siberia to the Netherlands. Exploring life in Holland and wanted to learn more about Western mentality I began to portray people I met. My abstract textile work, which had been my specialism in Russia, was replaced by figurative Fine Art work, and for this I used various techniques and media such as soot on paper, acrylics and oil on linen but also photography and video. Then I started my big long-term art project “The Human being”.”

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“Voor het Voetlicht: Lucy Besson, een stofje in de zee van tijd” / “In the Spotlight: Lucy Besson, a Speck of dust in the Sea of Time”, Poeziepuntgl, by Uriël Schuurs